Why Carology

We live and breathe product training,
so you don’t have to

  • Turn your teams into the experts modern customers expect
  • New hires trained before they walk on the floor
  • Improve gross and customer satisfaction
  • Expand repeat and referral business
  • Increase retention of good people

it’s a fact, Jack!


  • Genuine is the new smooth

    Yup. The internet changed our business for good. Customers expect a quality experience and will walk if they don’t like how they’re treated.

  • Smart phones as sales tools

    Sales consultants are running around with mini computers in their pockets, but are not using them to sell cars. We turn their smart phones into sales tools!

  • The manufacturer provides the encyclopedia

    And we give ‘em the cliffs notes! Carology is not about replacing the manufacturer’s training. We supplement it.

  • Every store has a unique sales process

    And we’re not out to change that. Carology’s dynamic product training system enhances any sales process.

  • Reality check from the real world

    Manufacturers put out mountains of product information that never get used. Carology makes product knowledge fast, easy and customer-friendly.