About Us

We are out to change the world,
one car dealership at a time…

We are an automotive training company so exceptional that we had to make up our own word. Carology: the science of making product training easy. 

Carology is the brainchild of husband and wife team Drew and Jenna Rose Guenett. Both are top automotive training facilitators, with a combined 30+ years of in-the-trenches experience. They have developed a unique training philosophy, entertaining style, and proven curriculum that has kept them in-demand with Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Nissan, Infiniti, BMW, Lincoln, GM, Mercedes, MINI, and more.

Drew and Jenna created Carology along with their partner and guru of all things technology, Clyde Sedgwick. We bring that same quality, effective training directly to your store, and maximize results with our awesome mobile-friendly sales tools.

We believe in honesty, integrity, and just doing things right. And we believe that’s how everyone makes more money!


Carology turns mediocrity into excellence. Ignorance into expertise. Apathy into enthusiasm...
And “car salesmen” into professional sales consultants.


Our products, our people and our culture. Carology is fun!


Our products are easy to use, our systems are smart, and our passion for excellent service makes everything about Carology easy.


Carology is designed with dealer input, specifically for busy dealerships. We are obsessed with providing real value to sales people and managers every single day.


We pride ourselves on being ridiculously current, adaptable, and highly cost-effective.


A Hawaiian word with no direct translation, it’s somewhere between karma, integrity and personal responsibility. At Carology it’s our kuleana to put a little aloha spirit in everything we do.


Drew Guenett

Drew Guenett


Ask anyone in automotive training circles about Drew and first you’ll get a huge smile, then they’ll tell you he is the best of the best. Period. In our industry Drew is more than a facilitator. He is a brand.

He stands for high-energy, fun and motivational training that gets results. Drew’s earned that reputation in over 18 years of working for all the top OEMs. That varied experience, along with his positive style, deep integrity, leadership skills, and talent for building genuine relationships, is the foundation for our thriving business.

As our CEO Drew brings real world credibility and a sense of fun to all aspects of Carology.

Jenna Guenett,

Jenna Guenett,


Jenna has been educating automotive sales consultants and managers for more than 15 years. Back when she started, a “girl” training car guys was still considered groundbreaking... but she’d suit up in her “man-shirt” and go teach the boys a thing or two.

Before finding her niche in the automotive industry, Jenna worked for years in PR, advertising, and marketing for major retail chains and the film industry. If you think the car business has some characters, try the movies!

That diverse background gives Jenna the unique skill set to work Carology magic -- taking content that’s complicated and boring and turning it into a fun and easy learning experience. As our President she guides every aspect of Carology’s creative vision and one-of-a-kind training system.

Clyde Sedgwick,

Clyde Sedgwick,


Clyde brings a technology background of over 25 years to the Carology team. Tons of web development experience? Check. Online training? Check. Tech made easy philosophy? Check. Creative, fun spirit in a computer and numbers guy? Check-o-rama!

Clyde has exactly the perfect combination of tech and business experience, management skills and forward- thinking ideas to make our systems and business tick right along with Carology’s creative vision.

As our COO & CTO, Clyde oversees the platform development, learning management system, and operations that makes Carology go.